Social Justice

With a deep and abiding belief in our inter-connectedness, and an unwavering respect and love for people, community, and justice, Yolanda speaks with fearlessness on issues of social justice



As an educator, Yolanda knows first-hand the power inherent in having a quality education. Young people who read, write and comprehend their world can participate fully in that world and live productive creative lives. Yolanda inspires your teachers, school boards, staff, community members, and community leaders to look deeply at the school-to-prison pipeline. She will teach how the school-to-prison pipeline works, its relationship to historical structural prejudice and biases and how communities can begin to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline and offer all children high quality education.


From early childhood to adulthood, girls and women experience a disproportionate amount of our society’s sexual abuse, molestation, domestic violence, rape, and sexual harassment. Yolanda speaks candidly and with heartfelt compassion about the toll these personal assaults take on the individual girls’ and woman’s creativity and productivity. She also speaks fearlessly and unapologetically about the toll it takes on our families, communities, and the workforce and inspires us to work together to make our communities safe for all its members.

Yolanda offers keynotes and retreats for survivors where she inspires women to embrace the long hard and rewarding path to healing. She shares candidly about the healing process, guides survivors through restorative meditations, and facilitates open discussions about community transformation and sexism.


After decades of teaching college students, Yolanda has seen major changes in sexuality and gender identifications. These changes are both exciting and challenging as communities and organizations need to stretch for more inclusion. Yolanda speaks with clarity, humor and directness about our need to accept variance in sexuality and gender expression. Yolanda inspires her audiences to become more open-minded through keynotes and seminars geared toward addressing biases and internalized phobias.