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We live in a time when we are constantly multi-tasking, learning new things, and being distracted. We often find it hard to steal away and take a deep look at our relationships with ourselves, our team members, our partners and our community members. Flourishing in these relationships requires our full attention. To the extent that they are strained and under-productive, we must determine our role in their fracture. We Must Face It To Fix It.


The hard part about diversity and inclusion is accepting that we have biases. After we accept our biases, we must examine the origin of those biases – we must look at how we were raised, trained and conditioned to think and believe as we do regarding the “others”. We must first acknowledge and accept our biases for any chance at transforming them. We can expand our awareness and acceptance of others and in doing so we become better co-workers, leaders, managers, and community members.


There’s no way around it. We are responsible for our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and our relationships! We come up with a lot of reasons for why we don’t have enough time, energy or opportunities for self-care. Yet, we are responsible for ourselves! We Must Face It To Fix It. Face the fact that the movements we make and the food we intake greatly impact our bodies, that our thoughts affect how we perceive our world and we control the thoughts we hold dear- that our relationships, like our bodies and minds, are in flux and they can be transformed and elevated. Most importantly we must face the fact that when it comes to self-care there are no quick fixes. We must commit ourselves to daily meditation, a healthy diet, daily exercise/yoga, building healthy relationships and relaxation.