Valuing Diversity

Diversity/Inclusion Keynotes that Inspire, Uplift, and Challenge

We Must Face It To Fix It!

It’s essential that we uncover our hidden biases and examine how we respond to those who seem to be very different from us. This can be challenging because we all like to think we have no biases. The truth is, we all have biases. It’s also challenging because to increase self-awareness we need to commit to quiet, to stillness, and regular self-reflection. Yolanda is a master in creating a mood, in taking audiences on a journey and inspiring deep self-searching. She knows and communicates the fact that we are not our thoughts. She shares funny relatable stories that inspire introspection and self-reflection.

Our conditioning is deep, so it will take time and commitment to recognize and overcome our present biases, but we can, and we must. We must if we desire to be leaders that people want to follow, leaders that inspire confidence. We must if we want effective teams where all team members regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. get to share their gifts, talents, and creativity. We must if we long to have communities that are safe, open and thriving. And, as always, with Yolanda leading the way, audiences have an opportunity to relax. Relaxation is required for self-discovery that is transformative.


“When I say We Must Face It, To Fix It, I’m not saying we have to fix ourselves. I’m saying we must look deeply at our mental conditioning and if we find biases and prejudice there, then we must fix that conditioning. We are not that conditioning. We are much more!”

Diversity Seminars that Educate, Challenge, and Motivate

Go a little deeper! Let Yolanda facilitate your next diversity inclusion seminar. Like her keynotes, the diversity inclusion seminars are engaging, challenging and interactive. Key to Yolanda’s seminars is our need to be more introspective. Yolanda guides staff members, boards, and community members through story-telling and deep listening. We all have learned about groups of people from our significant others. They taught us directly or indirectly about who is safe and who is not. Some of what we were taught has some validity, some does not. It is up to us to inventory our own minds and address those things we believe that may not be valid or true. In her seminars, Yolanda uses simple yet powerful practices that help individuals become aware of their internal software. Awareness is the first and most crucial step toward eliminating biases. Seminar topics include:

  • Diversity Inclusion and High-Quality Customer Service
  • Diversity Inclusion and Organizational Reputation
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Diversity/Inclusion and Leadership
  • Diversity and Inclusion Team Effectiveness
  • Intersectionality
  • First Thought
  • My Diversity Self Snap Shot
  • My Diversity Self Short Story Sharing
  • Mindfulness Exercise
  • Implicit and Explicit biases
  • Addressing Internalized Racism, Sexism and Heterosexism
  • Privilege Walk

Diversity Inclusion and Retreat

Go even deeper! In Yolanda’s interactive retreats you and your staff, board members or community members will have an opportunity to engage intensely around the issue of diversity and inclusion. Yolanda will guide you through several meditative practices that will help unlock deeply held beliefs and ideas about the “Others”. Participants will also have an opportunity to create a “My Diversity Self Autobiography”, share stories with peers, and discuss real solutions for creating inclusive workforces, networks, and communities.

It is through commitment to self-awareness, insight, respect, and connection with ourselves that we can be present as leaders, team members, and concerned community members. Each of us has something valuable to bring to our experiences in terms of energy and creativity. Creating and maintaining environments that are open and safe for everyone is important. As we discover and uncover our biases we can set achievable goals. Simple steps like speaking up when we hear derogatory statements that once seemed harmless. Or we may want to tackle major challenges like inventorying our workplace for persistence biases structurally.

Yolanda has the uncanny ability to put people at ease so that they can explore safely and reveal themselves. Retreats are often held in places that are surrounded by natures outdoor beauty so that long walks and communion with nature is possible. Yolanda believes nature reflects diversity and how various species can live in harmony. Mindfulness, meditative walking, writing and sharing are central to these retreats. Retreat participants will leave, inspired, uplifted, challenged, and rejuvenated!