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Wellness is the Way – Keynotes

Let’s face it, many of us have become addicted to following trends in dieting, killer exercise regimens, one-minute meditation apps, and this year’s miracle pill. These quick fixes are usually ineffective because wellness requires a life-long commitment.

Yolanda is a “guru” of wellness and stress management. Nicknamed Yogi at birth, Yolanda was destined to teach mindfulness, meditation, emotional intelligence, relaxation, healthy relationships and retreat. Yolanda has the remarkable ability to take audiences of twenty to eight hundred on a journey into personal insights, self-reflection, laughter, meditation, relaxation and restoration. She encourages us to develop life-long practices so we don’t fall victim to every trend or fad.

If you are looking for a wellness speaker who will have audiences thinking, laughing and relaxing, Yolanda is that speaker!

Wellness Seminars

In Yolanda’s two to six-hour interactive seminars, using her unique gifts for dynamism and stillness, audiences learn the essentials of increasing self-awareness, building healthy relationships, practicing meditation, simple yoga exercises and exploring the benefits of emotional intelligence. In these seminars, Yolanda’s presentation style is part instructor, part stand-up comic, part sage guide. Participants are at the edge of their seats. Yolanda’s wellness seminars are great for human resource organizations, city and state organizations, conferences, private companies, or community organizations. Possible topics and exercises include:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence
  • Mindfulness
  • How to Meditate/The Benefits of Meditation
  • Guided Relaxation
  • “Face It” Creativity Inventories
  • “Face It” Relationship Inventories
  • “Face It” Productivity Inventories
  • The Power of the Pause Discussions
  • How Owning Our Part in Conflicts is Transformative
  • Simple Yoga Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
  • Why We Prefer Organic Food/Holistic Eating
You won’t be asked to climb trees during these retreats, but to reflect on the relationship between wellness and time spent appreciating Nature!

Wellness Retreats

Retreating with Yolanda, aka Yogi, can be a transformative experience. These retreats are a treat because humans desperately need to slow down, be reflective and tune into each other. Part one of Yolanda’s wellness retreat involves confronting where we are right now. Participants delve deep into exercises aimed at facilitating deep self-awareness and self-management. In part two of the retreat, emphasis is on the “fix”. How do we go from our over-active, self-obsessed, frenzied life styles to a grounded centered existence? Practicing empathy, connecting with others, active listening and mindful leadership are key to part two of the retreat.

Throughout the retreat participants practice mindfulness meditation, silence, walking meditation, yoga and mindful eating. Audiences see firsthand how creativity, empathy, and self-awareness are enhanced by wellness practices.

Participants leave Yolanda’s wellness retreats refreshed, restored and teeming with new insights.