A Word From Yogi: Face It.

We must face it to fix it sounds easy.  Makes sense. Yet facing ourselves may be the hardest work we do.  For one thing, facing the self is not an event it’s a life long process. The other thing is, sometimes it hurts.  So, do this: Go for a walk at your favorite park or beach. Do not take any distractions with you (no phone, no music) Try not to have any real agenda accept listening to your thoughts.  Being mindful.  See if in a thirty minute walk you experience five minutes of pure mental silence.  If you do not.  Don’t worry.  Do this everyday for two weeks or at least four times a week.  Keep a journal of your thoughts. You may be surprised at what you find.  At the end of each “session” intentionally tune into the ocean, the trees, the sky, your heartbeat.