About Yolanda

About Me

Yolanda Speaks LLC, has been providing dynamic, engaging keynotes, speeches and human resource training for human services organizations, city, county, and state organizations and for profits for over 20 years.

Yolanda began her career as a speaker/trainer after working several years at a state facility for severely emotionally disturbed youth in Georgia. This was a highly emotionally stressful and sometimes physically stressful environment to work in. After years of working at Kids First(SED), Yolanda realized she was not only experiencing secondary trauma but that the job stress was triggering unresolved trauma of her own.

Determined to live and serve at her full capacity, Yolanda resigned her position and became a full-time professor of sociology. While teaching she began an intensive recovery program including EMDR therapy, mindfulness meditation practice and yoga.

Years later, Yolanda knew she wanted to share what she learned about healing, self-care, human transformation, emotional intelligence, valuing diversity and inclusion. She created YolandaSpeaks!



Yolanda and Mindfulness Meditation

Yolanda began her journey with mindfulness meditation and relaxation through books and yes, cassette tapes. She would spend hours reading daily and listening to tapes and following instructions. She knew she needed more. She met a woman who was a member of Shambhala International, a non-religious organization that offers instruction on meditation and contemplative practices, who invited her to meditate with their group that met weekly. Yolanda was a very active member of Shambhala for ten years. Yolanda learned how to observe her mind and thoughts and slowly recognized the memories and conditioning she needed to change for a more abundant life. She often says, meditation is the key to self-awareness.

Yolanda attended several Shambhala weekend seminars including all levels under “The Heart of Warriorship” and “Sacred Path”. Yolanda also completed a seven-day meditation retreat (Weektun), four of the days in silence, led by Sasha Loring of Duke Integrative Medicine.

Today, Yolanda has a personal practice including a meditation room in her home. However, she will meditate almost anywhere, in her car, at a park on the ground, in her hotel room. That is the beauty of meditation, you can take it wherever you go, and Yolanda strongly suggests you do!

Yolanda and Inclusion/Diversity

As a sociology professor, Yolanda teaches courses on human differences and human organizations including: Race and Minority Relations; The Sociology of Work; Race and the Culture of Human Organizations; Social Problems; Human Sexuality; Ethnicity, Gender, and Class. Yolanda uses the combination of academic instruction and her insight from mindfulness practices to provide engaging, thoughtful training.

Call Yolanda. Even if you decide not to use her at your next event you will enjoy talking to her. She is warm, kind, funny and direct – She lives the message: We Must Face It To Fix It!

“Here’s What Audiences Have to Say about Yolanda”

  • “I really enjoyed the training. I learned a lot and laughed a lot”
    “Yolanda is so engaging-never a dull moment”
    “I’m so relaxed right now!”
    “Yolanda has a unique way of challenging you and uplifting you at the same time”
    “I enjoyed the meditations. I need to meditate more”
    “I enjoyed the retreat, it was relaxing and fun”
    “Yolanda reminds me of Dave Chappelle”

    Some of Yolanda’s Satisfied Customers:

    • Florida Chapter of the American Case Management Association
    • Legal Aid of East Tennessee
    • Florida Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers
    • Women of Technology New York
    • Georgia Southern University
    • University of Florida
    • Florida State University
    • City of Sarasota
    • City of Tallahassee
    • Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    • Big Bend Society of Human Services Managers
    • City of Thomasville
    • Thomas University
    • Bond Community Health Center
    • Three Rivers Legal Services
    • United Partners of Human Services
    • Legal Services of North Florida
    • Florida Council Against Sexual Violence
    • PACE Center for Girls
    • Kids Incorporated
    • Broward County Health Department